Includes applications for partial assistance with:

  • Accredited (WOC) Nursing Education Program

Completed scholarship application to be submitted by applicant to

The nominations will be confidential in the sense that the reviewer will not know who is applying.

The State Representatives will present their recommendation for scholarship award distribution to the board at the next scheduled board meeting following the scholarship application deadline. The board will then vote on distribution of scholarship funds.

Note** Any applicant applying for a scholarship from the North Central Region is also eligible to apply for a scholarship from the WOCN National Office. The North Central Region encourages applicants to apply for both to assist in their education process.

Application must be received by the NCR-WOCN Professional/Clinical Practice Chair by:

November 1st or May 1st

Accredited (WOC) Nursing Education Program (MS Word .doc format)

Our Region's Most Recent Scholarship Recipients

Margaret Smart
Congratulations Margaret Smart on your selection for the WOCN Scholarship award. Margaret will receive $1000 to help offset the cost of her WOCN education.

Thank You Letter