PURPOSE: Develop working relationships with the NCR members within his/her state in order to facilitate communications from WOCN Society and within the NCR. Participate in the nomination process and accurately represent his/her specific state’s position in pertinent issues and be aware of and announce member accomplishments.

TERM OF OFFICE: Two years. Elected in even numbered years, if from North or South Dakota and in odd numbered years, if from Wisconsin or Minnesota. If the position must be appointed during an elected term the new acting State Representative shall serve out that complete term. Incumbent may place self on ballot for election in the appropriate year.

RESPONSIBLE TO: NCR Board of Directors and General Membership.

RESPONSIBILITIES: See NCR State Representative Job Description and Responsibilities (not part of By-laws) under appendices.


  • Respond to Board communications within 1 week, (3 days for issues of High Importance). Use of Outlook Express “out of office” shall be used for notification to members when not available. A reliable contact phone/cell number shall be provided for necessary communication. If not compliant with communications, 3 reminders shall be allowed before a request to step down from position will be made.
  • Attend all Board of Directors and General Membership meetings. Notify President if unable to attend, assuring all required reports are submitted 2 weeks prior to scheduled meeting.
  • Prepare a state report that includes new/lapsed members and known professional accomplishments of members/organizations. Submit report at NCR Board of Director/General Membership meetings.
  • Serve on the Nominating Committee. Actively recruit nominees for positions open for election during their term. Alternate as nominations co-chairpersons as appointed by the President. Collect nominee bios; send to nomination chairperson by April 1st of the election year. Other duties as directed by the nominations chair.
    To seek nominations for Board of Directors that can be made by the Nominating Committee or any member in good standing.
    To aid the President in seeking volunteers for appointed positions as requested
    No person shall be nominated by the Nominating Committee unless such person shall have agreed to serve if elected, and no person shall be nominated from the floor unless such person is present and consents to serve if elected or if not present had agreed in writing to serve if elected.
    All nominations by the Nominating Committee shall be presented by written electronic and/or written notice at least thirty (30) days prior to the time elections are to be held.
  • Receive respective state membership list from the NCR Secretary: Welcome new members by phone or in writing within 2 weeks of receiving list. Contact members with apparent lapsed memberships to encourage renewal or discover why not renewing within 2 weeks of receiving the report.
  • Excellence Award Recipients: The appropriate State Representative shall send a letter of award announcement to Recipient, local newspaper and Recipient’s employer (if applicable) within 1 week of receiving official announcement from Clinical Practice Chair.
  • Orient incoming State Representatives and the new members of the Board of Directors to the State Representatives’ role. Transfer all records to the new State Representatives within the first month of his/her term.
  • Submit a budget for the role of State Representatives for the upcoming fiscal year to the NCR Treasurer by December 31st of the current fiscal year. Submit all expenses and outstanding invoices to the Treasurer by December 31st of the current fiscal year.
  • Evaluate State Representatives position, job description and responsibilities and submit any recommended changes and/or additions to the President-Elect every year prior to the first Board of Directors meeting of the new Fiscal Year.