PURPOSE: Maintain an accurate record of all NCR proceedings.

TERM OF OFFICE: Two years. Elected in odd numbered years. If any Board Member position must be appointed to complete the elected term, the new acting Board Member shall serve out the complete term. The appointed incumbent may place themselves on the ballot for the next odd year election.

RESPONSIBLE TO: NCR Board of Directors and General Membership.

RESPONSIBILITIES: See NCR Secretary Job Description and Responsibilities (not part of By-laws) under appendices.


  • Respond to Board communications within 1 week, (3 days for issues of High Importance). Use of Outlook Express “out of office” shall be used for notification to members when not available. A reliable contact phone/cell number shall be provided for necessary communication. If not compliant with communications, 3 reminders shall be allowed before a request to step down from position will be made.
  • Attend all NCR Board of Director and General Membership meetings to accurately record proceedings. Notify President if unable to attend, assuring all required reports are submitted 2 weeks prior to scheduled meeting. Arrange for alternate secretary as needed.
  • Maintain a record of all NCR forms, communications, and minutes. Records must be kept for 7 years before deleting and/or shredding. Provide letterhead paper and envelopes to NCR members as requested.
  • Obtain agenda/attachments from other Board Members at least 2 weeks before scheduled NCR meetings.
  • Distribute agenda/attachments via email 1 week before NCR Board of Director meetings. Duplicate and distribute just prior to meetings, the agenda/attachments and sign in forms for NCR on-site Board and General Membership meetings.
  • Completed Board of Director minutes shall be distributed to the Board of Directors present at the meeting within one week of said meeting for approval (2 week return allowed or considered approved). Completed General Membership minutes shall be distributed to the meeting attendees for approval within 1 week of held meeting (2 week return allowed or considered approved). Approved Board minutes will be sent to Board members. Approved General Membership minutes shall be sent to Webmaster within 1 week of approval.
  • Maintain current list of all NCR members as received by WOCN Society. Upon receiving new list, sort by state, last name and paid through date and distribute to all NCR Board of Directors and appropriate chairpersons/committees within 1 week.
  • Conduct correspondence for the NCR membership as determined by the Board of Directors.
  • Orient incoming Secretary and the new members of the Board of Directors to the Secretary’s role. Transfer all records to the new Secretary within the first month of his/her term.
  • Submit budget for the role of Secretary for the upcoming fiscal year to the NCR Treasurer by December 31st of the current year. Submit all expenses and outstanding invoices to the Treasurer by December 31st of the current fiscal year.
  • Evaluate Secretary position, job description and responsibilities and submit any recommended changes and/or additions every even year prior to the first Board of Directors meeting of the new Fiscal Year.