PURPOSE:     Provide a means of engaging current and recruiting new regional members as well as keeping members current on regional, national and public policy topics of interest.

TERM OF OFFICE:  Elected position.  Two year term.  Chair shall not concurrently hold another regional office.

RESPONSIBLE TO: NCR Board of Directors and General Membership.


General Board Member:

* Respond to Board communications within 1 week, (3 days for issues of High Importance). Use of Outlook Express “out of office” shall be used for notification to members when not available. A reliable contact phone/cell number shall be provided for necessary communication. If not compliant with communications, 3 reminders shall be allowed before a request to step down from position will be

* Orient incoming Membership/Public Policy Chair and the new members of the Board of Directors to the Membership/Public Policy Chairperson’s role. Transfer all records to the new  Chairperson within the first month of his/her term.

* Submit a budget for the role of Membership/Public Policy Chairperson for the upcoming fiscal year to the NCR Treasurer by December 31st of the current fiscal year. Submit all expenses and any outstanding invoices to the NCR Treasurer by December 31st of the current fiscal year.

* Evaluate Membership/Public Policy Chairperson position, job description and responsibilities and submit any recommended changes and/or additions to the President-Elect every year prior to the first Board of Directors meeting of the new Fiscal Year.

* Attend NCR Board of Directors meetings/conference calls and NCR general membership meetings or arrange for alternate

Role Specific:

  • Function as a liaison between NCR and National membership chair
  • Receive state membership list from the Secretary of the NCR and develop plan to welcome new members and contact lapsed members via phone or email.
  • Arrange for a welcome meeting/table and/or activity  for new members at regional meetings

(include a group photo for website)

  • Solicit and welcome new members(i.e. reach out to webWOC students. Communicate       membership benefits)
  • Communicate regional/board related information to members via email and at meetings
  • Stay current on National and State Public Policy and Advocacy topics.  Provide updates to members via email or website.  Facilitate NCR member’s knowledge about and engagement in public policy.  Engage with constituents as able, communicate opportunities, and outcomes.
  • Prepare a regional update report that includes new members  and professional accomplishments of members. Submit report at the NCR Board of Directors meetings, NCR General Membership meetings, and to the regional Media Chair as appropriate.
  • Actively recruit nominees for vacating positions during the two-year term with plan for online website voting completion at least one month prior to the WOCN National meeting.