PURPOSE: Promote and encourage professional development for NCR members, support, reward and acknowledge through the WOCN Excellence Award process, and explore/promote WOC nursing clinical practice issues.

TERM OF OFFICE: Appointed position as deemed necessary by the current NCR President. Chair shall not concurrently hold another NCR regional office.

RESPONSIBLE TO: NCR Board of Directors and General Membership.

RESPONSIBILITIES: See NCR Professional/Clinical Practice Chairperson Job Description and Responsibilities (not part of By-Laws) under appendices.


  • Respond to Board communications within 1 week, (3 days for issues of High Importance). Use of Outlook Express “out of office” shall be used for notification to members when not available. A reliable contact phone/cell number shall be provided for necessary communication. If not compliant with communications, 3 reminders shall be allowed before a request to step down from position will be made.
  • Attend all Board of Directors and General Membership meetings. Notify President if unable to attend, assuring all required reports are submitted 2 weeks prior to scheduled meeting.
  • Prioritize projects based on NCR membership needs per President’s request.
  • Solicit nominees for the WOCN Excellence Award from the general membership (see Award application and guidelines). Facilitate an anonymous vote at the Board of Director’s Meeting per guidelines. Announce Recipient per guidelines. Purchase a plaque and present at fall conference or give to alternate to present award to Recipient. Notify appropriate State Representative to send letter of award announcement to Recipient, local newspaper and Recipient’s employer (if applicable) within 1 week of official announcement.
  • Accept applications for the following NCR scholarships: (see individual Scholarship applications and guidelines)
    Nurse in Washington Internship (NIWI) or WOC in Washington Internship.
    Accredited WOC Nursing Education program.
    Accredited Advanced Degree Nursing program.
    Facilitate an anonymous vote at the Board of Director’s Meeting per guidelines. Announce recipients per guidelines.
  • Submit report of relevant clinical practice position activities at the NCR Board of Directors and General Membership meetings.
  • Orient incoming Professional/Clinical Practice Chairperson and the new members of the Board of Directors to the Professional/Clinical Practice Chairperson’s role. Transfer all records to the new Professional/Clinical Practice Chairperson within the first month of his/her term.
  • Submit a budget for the role of Professional/Clinical Practice Chairperson for the upcoming fiscal year to the NCR Treasurer by December 31st of the current fiscal year. Submit all expenses and any outstanding invoices to the Treasurer by December 30th of the current fiscal year.
  • Evaluate Professional/Clinical Practice Chairperson position, job description and responsibilities and submit any recommended changes and/or additions to the President-Elect every year prior to the first Board of Directors meeting of the Fiscal Year.