PURPOSE:     Provide a means of keeping all NCR members updated on current issues by way of the North Central Region Website.

TERM OF OFFICE:  Elected position.  Three year term.  Chair shall not concurrently hold another regional office.

RESPONSIBLE TO: NCR Board of Directors and General Membership.


General Board Member Responsibilities:

  • Respond to Board communications within 1 week, (3 days for issues of High Importance). Use of Outlook Express “out of office” shall be used for notification to members when not available. A reliable contact phone/cell number shall be provided for necessary communication. If not compliant with communications, 3 reminders shall be allowed before a request to step down from position will be Orient incoming Media Chair and the new members of the Board of Directors to the Media Chairperson’s role. Transfer all records to the new Media Chairperson within the first month of his/her term.
  • Submit a budget for the role of Media Chairperson for the upcoming fiscal year to the NCR Treasurer by December 31st of the current fiscal year. Submit all expenses and any outstanding invoices to the NCR Treasurer by December 31st of the current fiscal year.
  • Evaluate Media Chairperson position, job description and responsibilities and submit any recommended changes and/or additions to the President-Elect every year prior to the first Board of Directors meeting of the new Fiscal Year.

 Website Specific :  Maintain and update the official NCR website as noted:


  • Maintain current contracts for webhosting and annual domain registration

*Currently managed and billed by Paul Bunyan Communications in Bemidji, MN as of 3/2017

  • Communicate closely with the Board of Directors (BOD )and Committee Chairs regarding changes and/or additions to the website and implement changes
  • Review submitted articles, forms etc and edit as appropriate  for grammar/clarity and readability prior to adding to website
  • Enlist assistance from webmaster on an as needed basis for complex updates/changes , fall conference registration and annual elections .
  • Encourage BOD and contributing chair members to keep respective website forms/member information reviewed and up to date.
  • Encourage/seek-out BOD and member contributions related to regional news of interest to members. Obtain photos to accent articles/submissions when appropriate.
  • Review submitted invoice receipts sent by Treasurer for accuracy prior to payment
  • Submit any request s/invoices for reimbursement to Treasurer.
  • Add job postings on website per policy noted on website.



  • Request candidate profiles submitted for elections are brief and concise. Edit as needed prior to sending to webmaster. * Current voting tool used is Election Buddy set up via webmaster
  • Communicate with webmaster requested start and ending date for voting.
  • Submit voting results to Board of Directors


Late Spring/Early Summer:

  • Communicate closely with NCR board conference planning liaison and planning committee to promote upcoming region’s fall conference and any online registration needs.


  • Highlight scholarship winners(including photos and bio) as submitted by Clinical/Professional Practice Chair


  • During the NCR Fall conference, take photos or request a member take photos to highlight new board members, conference planners/award winners and/or events. ( obtain permission to use photos on NCR website)

****Current (3/ 2017) webmaster and web designer contracted through Paul Bunyan Communications in Bemidji, MN at an hourly rate. Invoices submitted quarterly.  Media Chair tutorial can also be arranged/requested  related to web additions/edits for hourly rate.


Webmaster:         garrettj@paulbunyan.net

WebDesign:          kimtyk@paulbunyan.net